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Individualised Education Plan

Jitendra Karsan - CEO, India

June 24, 2020

Individualized Education Plan is a comprehensive day care program which enables children to learn using their natural abilities.

Individualized Education Plan is a comprehensive day care program which enables children to learn using their natural abilities.

Research from across the world has consistently proven that teaching and learning through play can enhance a child’s language development and reading abilities. Results indicate that learning through play sustains more attention span and reading skills among children, which provides more opportunity for them to talk using varied words and interact in a manner that they deem interesting. They are more likely to enjoy learning if the subject at hand flows freely along with their natural abilities and interests.

I, personally, believe that coercing children into accomplishing tasks do not go a long way and the extent of learning becomes restrictive. Ensuring that learning takes place in the realm of children’s interest areas have proven to provide a much greater learning curve than other pedagogies.

Understanding that we, at Kido, introduced the ‘Individualized Education Plan’, a comprehensive day care program that targets at children’s natural interest areas and abilities to facilitate learning. We help children engage at our facilities to go beyond their usual hours to hone skills ranging from painting to ballet.

A small survey among parents also led to the conclusion that while most urban parents enroll their children to classes like chess, dance, sports, etc., they often end up spending more time in traveling than actually in those classes. Not only does this decrease the quality time spent between parents and children, but ends up wasting a lot of time of both parents and the children especially considering the traffic in our cities.

Keeping this in mind, we decided that the Individualized Education Plan should be a way to bridge that gap. It will facilitate children’s learning under one roof, where leading industry professionals engage with them based on the preferred interests. This will not only enable children to achieve their overall curriculum goals but also hone other skills simultaneously.

A recent study showed stark figures in the amount of quality time we spend with our children. According to that study, parents and children in urban areas spend only an average of 11 minutes of quality time in a day. Not only did this revelation stand out as a shocking figure but also as a lens to a trend that we may have set in motion with our lifestyles. It is important that we engage constructively with our children and create a more meaningful and deeper bond with them.

Being a comprehensive day care program, it places emphasis on worthwhile and holistic upkeep of children, which means that when they come home, they are free to spend time with you. This will save all the time (& energy) spent traveling back and forth or finding the correct tutors, leading to more scope of bonding among parents and children.

The plan is mutually decided between the parents and teachers who sit across and discuss several interest areas, and skills that they would like their children to work on.

Jitendra Karsan is the CEO of Safari Kid India. He is passionate about education and children-related causes. With diverse experience across advertising and marketing, he stumbled upon the education sector when his two children led him to read extensively on parenting and education. In his free time, he can be seen making his own customized bikes, strumming his guitar or traveling with his children.

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